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Flights to Mali from London

The eighth largest country in West Africa, Mali is a beautiful country with a rich culture. The Dogon people, for instance, are known for their mask dances, architecture, and religious traditions while the Fula people have a rich musical culture with many traditional instruments. The country has a number of attractions that make people books flights to Mali from London and these include markets, mosques, and museums. The Monday Market in Djenné, for instance, is a must-visit place to all tourists as are Massina, Timbuktu’s Ethnological Museum, Ségou Koro, and Mopti’s Marché Souguni market. The dry and tolerable temperatures from October to February make this period popular among tourists with many bookings for flights to Mali from London and the main airlines to book through are Air France, KLM, Tunisair, Royal Air Maroc, and Turkish Airlines. If you are making last-minute or urgent travel arrangements, you may want to pay attention to transit times as long stopovers may be an inconvenience.

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