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Flights to Gabon from London

Officially the Gabonese Republic but commonly known as Gabon, the country is located on the equator. Gabon’s capital city is Libreville and the country’s earliest inhabitants were the Pygmy peoples. The main international airport of Gabon is the Léon-Mba International Airport and is located in the country’s capital city. Flights to Gabon from London can be booked via Air France and KLM. With 11.25% of the country declared as national parks, it’s no surprise that the main reason people book flights to Gabon from London is the country’s wild gorillas and elephants. Loango National Park and Lopé National Park are thus must-visit locations, while Mayumba National Park is known for humpback whales and bodysurfing. Libreville and Lambaréné are also popular among tourists.

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