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Travel Tips You Should Know

 “Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers.”


Though traveling has a lot of perks that come with it, it is essentially vital that you’re aware of some necessary travel tips that will help make your holiday experience more memorable with less or no hassle.


Have in mind a place you’d love to visit:


There are numerous locations to choose from, and dozens of flights catering to your service, and what’s better than having a taste and feel of a different culture and experience life in a different way? However, it’s best to be on the safer side by having in mind what sort of experience you wish to have pre-hand. Do you want to go on a safari, hiking, skiing, skydiving or just a spot for the best Instagram photos? This will come in handy when it comes to packing your luggage as well as booking your flight.


Book in advance: this is a no-brainer. Nothing is worse than having to spend a fortune on the last minute booking because you had anticipated that the price will go down if you just leave it a little bit later. Then you realise that the price has gone a sky-high and could even cause you to canceled your holiday plans.


Carry cash: being short of cash while away on holiday is not only never ideal but quite embarrassing. Imagining realizing the bar doesn’t take card payment while you’re sipping the last drink from your glass, or restaurant, hotel not everywhere has an ATM. Have on your emergency cash at all times.


Talk with strangers: The most hyped app can’t find you the best hot spot that the locals can find you. I know it’s good to take precautions but there are just as many good people on the planet just as the bad. Have a small talk with the waitress, the cool looking feller. etc. It’s may seem like you’re being annoying by talking to strangers is not as bad as it may seem. Too often it all in our head. You’ll find most people love to share all you need to do is ask. Come to think of it, what have you got to lose?


Book through us instead: We don’t only save you time but money when you book with us. You can find flights using Africa travel as we give you many options. We are the best representatives for all the major airlines i.e. Air France, Brussels, British Airways, etc.


If you can dodge pointless fees, won’t you?

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