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How to Avoid Airport Stress?

The rush of getting through the checking desk and through security is quite an adrenaline. Even the airport itself can sometimes be a hassle, as there might be a crowd at the checking area or people bumping in on you while all you want is to set off to your destination leaving behind all the helter-skelter of life and work. 


The worse thing that could happen is to miss your flight due to minor errors that could’ve been avoided eg. late arrival, not knowing your way around the airport or leaving a piece of document, etc.


Here are a few tips to help you avoid airport stress.


Be on time: This is very vital as it helps you stay sane while all your anxiety pumps of missing your flight might be working on high… The feeling of missing your flight and having to rebook or making amendments is by no means pleasant. Not only is it time-consuming but it can be very disappointing. Some flight does don’t offer amendment if you missed your flight especially if the fault was from your side. We normally advise that passengers get to the airport at least 3 hours early as this gives you ample time to check-in, go through security and immigration and as well as stay calm before you board your flight.


Leave well enough time: As mention earlier, it is ideal to be early and on time as this can give you an opportunity to make amends if need be. Imagine arriving on time and while going through checking, then you realise that you’ve left your passport at home or in the taxi? OUCH! I can confirm that this sure happens all the time. However, if there’s a bit more time to spare, you can easily get it, and your flight all at the same time without you going bonkers over it. Give yourself extra time for any extra walking either from the car park, lounge area to check-in, and if possible ask for directions at the check-in desk as it makes much different knowing your flight gate than doing a tour around the airport only to realise you are heading the wrong way.


Get all your documents ready at hand: It obvious that your documentations are the first things to sort out before you even pack your luggage because they are the most essential i.e passport, boarding pass, ID ETC. you must ensure you them ready for the scan.  


Be aware of the airport security requirements:  This is most certainly a time-consuming process and can result in unforeseen circumstances. To avoid any delay, search online for airport security requirements as this gives you an idea of what to expect when once you arrive without having to face any surprises. 


Conclusively, if you book through Africa travel centre, we send you a reminder along with a travel requirement on your itinerary of what you need to do have while travelling and before you set off for your trip.

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